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European Import : FRCD600

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Timo Tolkki (gutiar, bass)
Michael Kiske (vocals)
Elize Ryd (vocals)
Rob Rock (vocals)
Russell Allen (vocals)
Sharon Den Adel (vocals)
Tony Kakko (vocals).
Jens Johansson (keyboards)
Derek Sherinian (keyboards)
Mikko Härkin (keyboards)
Alex Holzwarth (drums)
Sami Boman (orchestration)
Magdalena Lee (vocals)
Produced by: Timo Tolkki
Engineered by: Timo Tolkki
Mixed by : Timo Tolkki
Mastered by: Mika Jussila
It's A.D. 2055 and most big cities of planet earth are either flooded with tsunamis or destroyed by earthquakes and fire. The whole infrastructure and communication system has broken down. The destruction is total. A small group of survivors leaves for a quest to find a sacred place known as "The Land Of New Hope". It is an old fairytale that has been told since decades but very few has actually ever believed of its existence. They travel far on a journey that is full of dangers and come across a seer who guides them further. She explains to them that "The Land Of New Hope" does exist but it is guarded by a Keeper and only those who are pure in heart can pass him. They wander further towards their ultimate destiny….

Former Stratovarius main songwriter and guitarist, Timo Tolkki has a new album - a magniloquent metal / rock opera with some cinematic orchestrations to bring back the Stratovarius original sound in a more symphonic and grandiose fashion. Tolkki managed to gather some of the most renowned singers around, with particular focus on one of the most talented young female singers Elize Ryd (AMARANTHE) who has the lion's share of the lead vocals on the album. "The Land of New Hope" opens a new chapter in Tolkki's career and perspectives, with the artist regaining full artistic credibility with his own music and performances. A stunning artwork was specially created for this project by Stanis W. Decker.

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