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AZORIA - Seasons Change

European Import : LRCD016

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Alex Oriz (guitar)
Chris David (bass)
Simon J (guitar)
Emil Eriksson (drums)
Snowy Shaw (vocals)
Mike Andersson (vocals)
Mikael Dahl (vocals)
Tommy Reinxeed (vocals)
Matilda Eriksson (vocals)
Mark Gunnardo(vocals)
Joel Carlsten (backing vocals)
Produced by: Alex Oriz
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Alex Oriz
Mastered by: Micke Lind
Azoria was founded in early 2013 by the band leader and lead-guitarist Alexander Oriz. Oriz have worked hard the last years as producer, songwriter and guitarplayer in the bands ReinXeed and Oriz! ReinXeed who just released their great reviewed studio album "A New World", will have a break from touring which gives Alex Oriz an opportunity to complete the album with Azoria. In Azoria we also find Chris David, the bass-player from ReinXeed and Oriz! We also find Simon Jonsson on rythm-guitars! On drums we find no one else than Emil Eriksson from the bands Oriz & JD Miller! This debut album features an All-Star team to produce the best possible result for each song! The band landed a deal with King Records in Japan. We also find a female vocalist on this album! Matilda Eriksson known from Swedish TV4-Körslaget is singing the awesome song "When You Sleep". The debut album from Azoria will please metal fans around the world. The style is a magical blend of componenets from ReinXeed, Iron Maiden, Hammerfall and Edguy! Azoria is right now preparing their live shows and are very excited to perform live in 2014!
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