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AZRAEL's BANE "Wings Of Innocence"

US Release : CR0008

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Trey Gadler (vocals)
Jeff Clifton (guitar, vocals)
Brent Marches (bass, keyboards, vocals)
Chuck McFadden (keyboards, guitar, vocals)
Rick Ward (drums, vocals)
Produced by: Gregg Gill and Azrael's Bane
Engineered by: Gregg Gill
Mixed by : Name
Mastered by: Name

Azrael’s Bane combines the haunting melodies of Queensryche / Crimsom Glory with the more mainstream approach of Lillian Axe and Leatherwolf. 80ies melodic US Power Metal in other words. This genre was never popular but always had, and always will have, loyal fans. It’s the lyricism of the songs, the profound atmosphere and the dramatic tone of the vocals which create so intense emotions that no other genre can. If you have grown with bands like above mentioned ones as well as with Savatage and TNT then you will surely love “Wings of Innocence”. ‘Shine’, the opening track of the album, is simply amazing with fantastic melodies and very inspired guitar riffs. But there are songs like ‘Rainbow’s Edge’ or ‘Foolish Pride’ that with their concussive melodies tear your heart apart, making you wonder how is it possible a new band in the United States, which is submerged by all these nu metal bands, to write so emotional and inspired heavy metal music. Along with Ion Vein and Defyance, Azrael’s Bane is the best band in the United States heavy metal scene. Heavy metal of the highest quality from people who love the music they play, for people who have melodic US Power Metal in their heart and soul.

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