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JANE BOGAERT - The 5th Dimension

European Import : NL10090

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Jane Bogaert (vocals)
Joe Lynn Turner (vocals)
Jeff Scott Soto (vocals)
Lesley Bogaert (backing vocals)
Chris Birawsky (backing vocals)
Jörg Sieber (backing vocals)
Chris “Bina” Birawsky (drums)
Charlie Morgan (drums)
Henner Malecha (bass)
John “Rhino” Edwards (bass)
Bob Riney (bass)
Guenther Skitschak (guitar)
Robert Papst (guitar, keyboards)
Matt Beck (guitar, keyboards)
Eddie Daum (keyboards)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
Right after her fi rst piano lesson at the age of 10 years, Jane Bogaert wrote into her school satchel: ‘Music is my life’. And until today, music is still the most important thing to her. The former Miss Switzerland actually now has really reached another dimension with the new album ‘5th Dimension’. This was already obvious whilst being educated at the conservatoire in Biel and the school of musicals in Munich where she took singing lessons. Her voice has matured during a couple of fi rst tries as a solo singer and back-up jobs for A-Ha, Thin Lizzy, Al Jarreau, David Hasselhoff, Toto Cutugno, Claudia Jung, Roland Kaiser or Uwe Ochsenknecht. As a result, she later worked for Al Bano & Romina Power, in the end took over Romina’s parts completely. At the change of the millennium, Jane represented Switzerland at the Eurosong Festival in Stockholm, worked as singer and dancer with DJ Bobo and as a lecturer for ‘pop vocal performances’ at the University of Arts in Berne, Switzerland. Even more inspired and infected, Jane together with Robert Papst (Dominoe) and Guenther Skitschak (Dominoe) wrote the songs for ‘5th Dimension’ and engaged a couple of guests such as Jeff Scott Soto (W.E.T., Journey, Talisman, Malmsteen), Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple, Rainbow, Hughes-Turner Project), John ‘Rhino’ Edwards (Status Quo), Matt Beck (Rod Stewart) and Charlie Morgan (Elton John) to help her with the realization of the record. These well known names and the great production job by Robert Papst helped Jane a lot to get herself in top form as well. The result is a record with obvious roots coming from the 80s Rock music, which nevertheless creates an immense closeness, intensity and tension force – an album without deadlocked facets and shades.
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