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MICHAEL BORMANN - Capture The Moment

European Import : MB002

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Michael Bormann (vocals, bass, drums, keyboards, guitar)
Andreas Ripplemeier (guitar)
Bobby Stocker (guitar)
Lanvall (guitar)
Tommy Denander (bass, guitar, keyboards)
Eric Ragno (keyboards)
Chris Ivo (keyboards)
Marco Grasshoff (keyboards)
Niclas Olssen (keyboards)
Sonny Crow (keyboards)
Guido Gallus (drums)
Tom Brautigan (drums)
Produced by: Michael Bormann
Engineered by: Michael Bormann
Mixed by : Michael Bormann
Mastered by: Michael Bormann, Marco Grasshoff
"Capture the Moment" is the successor to Michael Bormann´s (Jaded Heart, Bloodbound, Rain, Redrum, Charade, Zeno) highly acclaimed Conspiracy solo album that landed this outstanding artist on the official 50th Grammy Awards entry list during the Fall of 2007 "sixteen times" in both the Rock/Pop categories. There were well over 17,000 music entry submissions for the strict Grammy screening process. Remarkably, Michael Bormann held 5 of the remaining 64 positions for "Best Male Solo Rock Vocal Performance" that made the cut having gone through the final voting process with other well-known recording acts within the U.S. record industry. The new album "Capture the Moment" has got it all. The Bormann trademark of massive vocals in the choruses are all there and more powerful than ever. The recording line-up is packed with well known artists including Tommy Denander, Eric Ragno, and Andreas "Rippel" Rippelmeier. Michael Bormann's is a superstar on the rise - catch this, his latest masterpiece.
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