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Michael Bormann (vocals, drums, bass, keyboards, guitar)
Jean Bormann (guitars, backing vcals)
Marco Grasshoff (keyboards, backing vocals)
Eric Ragno (keyboards)
Bobby Stöcker (guitar)
Katie Juraschka (backing vocals)
Produced by: Michael Bormann
Engineered by: Michael Bormann
Mixed by : Michael Bormann
Mastered by: Michael Bormann
After more than four years, the long awaited fifth solo album "Closer" by Michael Bormann sees the light of the world. 2014 has been an eventful and exciting year. With his impressive performance at one of today's biggest TV-Shows "The Voice of Germany" Michael reached millions of people. All songs were written, recorded and produced within a three-month studio session by the end of 2014. Due to the huge demand of the Demi-Lovato song "Warrior", that got him into "The Voice" - show, Michael had no chance but taking it on the forthcoming CD. Downright refreshing, versatile and rocking Bormann presents "Closer". Ballads, mid-tempo songs and pure Rock´n´Roll: you got it all! Defining a favorite is pretty hard as every single song has its own magic. "Because we are the world" goes straight to the heart. The children's choir makes this tune very special. Not only radio stations will love this song.It should be mentioned, that a valuable contribution to this album has been given by Eric Ragno and Bobby Stoecker. Knowing what and how he wants it, Bormann played most of the instruments by himself. It's impressively showed on "Closer". His strong "Voice" - performances got Michael the long deserved attention. Now it´s time for the next level. Closer will be drawing in the crowds under its magic spell.
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