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Micahel Bormann (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums)
Rob Marcello (guitar)
Bobby Stocker (guitar)
Bobby Boebel (guitar)
Andreas Rippelmeier (guitar)
Bobby Altvater (guitar)
Tommy Denander (guitar, keyboards)
Oliver Muller (bass)
Marco Grabhoff (keyboards)
Chris Ivo (keyboards)
Niklas Olsson (keyboards)
Eric Ragno (keyboards)
Guido Gallus (drums)
Per Helge Bruvoll (drums)
Anette Blyckert (vocals)
Produced by: Michael Bormann
Engineered by: Michael Bormann
Mixed by : Michael Bormann
Mastered by: Marco Grahoff, Michael Bormann
Former JADED HEART singer Michael Bormann is back in business. “Conspiracy” continues where Michael Bormann left off with JADED HEART, even though it didn't turn out as heavy and dynamic as JADED HEART albums like “IV” and “Trust” did. However, the 13 songs feature the classic Michael Bormann hooks and melodies that stick in your ear from the first moment you hear them.
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