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Michael Bormann (vocals, guitar, bass, guitar, keyboards, drums)
Produced by: Michael Bormann
Engineered by: Michael Bormann
Mixed by : Michael Bormann
Mastered by: Michael Bormann
The latest release from the prolific melodic rocker Michael Bormann, "Different" is loaded with 12 fine, diverse songs including many commercial radio singles. “Different” clearly demonstrates that Bormann is a dynamic “one of a kind - artist” in today's music industry, capable of going in many different AOR musical directions as the album not only includes a mix of typical AOR but also some fine acoustic tracks, powerful uptempo songs and wonderful ballads. Bormann known as one of the "best vocalist's of our times," proves his fantastic songwriting skills once again. Even though he played almost every instrument by himself, he also had a little help from special guest musicians Andreas Rippelmeier, Chris Ivo, Eric Ragno, Lanvall and Marco Grasshoff. The fact that the singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer-engineer spent most of the time alone in the studio, corresponds with the intransigence on Different. Different, produced with intense hammerhead commercial appeal, touches the very core of the soul that leaves devoted fans blown away and takes us into a new heart-felt journey that shows a different side of the great artist Michael Bormann, whom is headed into astronomical success as a heavy hitter crossover artist.

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