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Andy B. Franck (vocals)
Torsten Ihlenfeld (guitar)
Milan Loncaric (guitar)
Antonio Ieva (bass)
Dieter Bernert (drums)
Produced by: Brainstorm, Achim Kohler
Engineered by: Achim Kohler
Mixed by : Achim Kohler
Mastered by: Achim Kohler
Brainstorm are one of Europe's most successful power metal acts. With albums like SOUL TEMPTATION (2003) and LIQUID MONSTER (2005) the band has released classics of the genre and made unmistakably clear what Brainstorm is all about: gutsy melodic metal of highest quality. Now the Swabian bunch strikes again and their brand new album FIRESOUL impressively bridges to the band's mid-2000's releases in several ways: not only does the cover artwork remind of 2003's SOUL TEMPTATION; with Achim Koehler also the man who gave the polishing to LIQUID MONSTER und SOUL TEMPTATION, finally returned to the Brainstorm mixing desk. Combined with the band's characteristic, high-class songwriting and vocalist Andy B. Franck in incredible shape, Brainstorm show how you can return to your roots but at the same time live in the now and here.

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