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BRUNETTE - 1989-1990 Demos

US Release : FNA015

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Johnny Gioeli (vocals, guitar)
Joey Gioeli (guitar)
Christopher Paul (guitar)
Jay Scott King (bass)
Darek Thomas Cava (drums)
Produced by: Doc
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
Brunette was one of Hollywood's greatest unsigned treasures -- every A&R rep had the '80s hard rock band on their radar. The coveted major label deal was just around the corner, and Brunette had definitely paid their dues. Unfortunately for Brunette, the oft-used excuse of 'creative differences' stopped this fast moving machine dead in its tracks. In a few short years, the band had amassed a vast and varied catalog of demo recordings which can now be heard here on this album. At the top of their game, Brunette called it quits due to creative differences. This would lead to the Gioeli brothers teaming up with Neal Schon (Journey) and the creation of the melodic band Hardline.
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