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BULLET - Storm Of Blades Ltd Ed

European Import : AORH3118

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Hell Hofer (vocals)
Alexander Lyrbo (guitar)
Hampus Klang (guitar)
Adam Hector (bass)
Gustav Hjortsjo (drums)
Produced by: Bullet, Mankan Sedenberg
Engineered by: Mankan Sedenberg
Mixed by : Mankan Sedenberg
Mastered by: Maxe Axelsson
Bullet is back with STORM OF BLADES! The Latest album is the first record to feature new guitarist Alexander Lyrbo, who replaced Erik Almström in 2012. STORM OF BLADES, the cutthroat album and song title results from the bands aim to make the ´toughest Bullet song ever. The first impression was the image of knifes falling from the sky and the title ,"Storm Of Blades" was born. To make this song the title track of their new album became a must, as it is a tale about destruction, apocalypse and horror! Taking things to a new level of heaviness, yet returning to their own roots, the new creation sees Bullet with much ´of the feeling the band had in the beginning, but with a up-to-date sound and craftsmanship`. They can now at last truthfully say; this is their best album so far and most likely the rawest since HEAVY METAL HIGHWAY (2001). Initial pressing in a digipack with bonus track.
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