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BULLETRAIN - What You Fear Most

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Sebastian Sundberg (vocals, keyboards)
Robin Bengtsson (guitar, backing vocals)
Mattias Persson (guitar, backing vocals)
Jonas Tillheden (drums)
Niklas Månsson (bass, backing vocals)
Produced by: RamPac
Engineered by: Ivars Ozols, Stefan Sundstrom
Mixed by : Tobias Lindell
Mastered by: Vlado Meller
Crafted through restlessness and wishes for something bigger, the great escape from everyday life began almost exactly ten years ago when the two childhood friends, drummer Jonas Tillheden and guitarist Mattias Persson formed what we today call Bulletrain in the suburbs of Helsingborg in southern Sweden. Led by their dreams they found like-minded people in the singer Robert Lindell, bass player Tim Svalö and guitarist Adam Börvall who later was replaced by the guitarist Robin Bengtsson. Bulletrain self-released their first EP "Johnny Gonebad" in 2007. The record was produced by Klas Ideberg, the guitarist of the Swedish thrash metal band Darkane. "Johnny Gonebad" was printed in five hundred copies and shipped for free all over the world to everyone who asked for a copy. The EP was well received and the band expanded its fan base by playing along with bands such as Crashdïet, Bullet and Crazy Lixx, as a part of the new wave of Swedish Sleaze. Bulletrain stuck out as a heavier band than its competitors, with influences like Black Sabbath, Skid Row and Pantera. In an ever changing music business which today reminds us of a scenario in a post apocalyptic horror movie where only the strong survive, Bulletrain has been fighting on their own through all the years. Without the muscles from companies or other professionals the band has done almost a hundred shows throughout Sweden promoting themselves. With their second EP "Turn it up!" also recorded together with Klas Ideberg from Darkane, Bulletrain got the attention from the "godfather" of Swedish sleaze, Chris Laney. Chris had heard of the group and as he is a Helsingborg native himself he wanted to take the band under his wings and offered to produce their debut single. The song "Even with my eyes closed" with the b-side "Take me to the sun" was recorded in Polar Studios (ABBAS ol' studio) in Stockholm, July 2010. Polar Studios is a studio with great legacy and it's an honor for sure to have recorded music in a studio where mighty artists as Led Zeppelin, Rammstein, The Ramones and The Beastie Boys among many have recorded their albums during rock history. "Even with my eyes closed" caught the interest from Georg Siegl CEO, at the record company AOR Heaven, who offered to sign the group and release their future debut album which also was supposed to be produced by Chris Laney.
Several years out of hard work finally seemed to pay off. Just when the band was about to sign the record contract and have their dream to come true, singer Robet Lindell decided to leave the group. There and then they tumbled at the finish line. The record deal was lost and the album recording never happened. During the recordings of their debut album which they decided to do themselves, they found their singer, a diamond in the rough in the Växjö native Sebastian Sundberg. Bassplayer Tim Svalö was replaced by the young and talented Niklas Månsson. And the dysfunctional but inseparable rock'n'roll quintet was made. Georg Siegl at AOR Heaven decided to give the group a second chance and offered to release their debut album "Start Talking". Their music got great reviews all around Europe and the band played in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands and Belgium together with bands like Epica, Warrior Soul, Hardcore Superstar and the mega drummer Mike Terrana getting an overwhelming and great response as a live act. With their hearts in the songwriting the band felt during the summer of 2015 it was time to start working on their second album and strike while the iron was hot. Since the vocal recordings of Start Talking, which was done together with RamPac, Patrik (Magnusson) and Johan (Ramström) has been great friends and mentors. So the choice to record the album with them was an easy decision. RamPac share the same vision of rock'n'roll as Bulletrain and the collaboration is what every band and producer is looking for. In November 2015 Bulletrain flew to Riga in Latvia and started recording the music for the ten songs on the album in the great "Sound Division Studios". Ten days of hard work, high hopes and hangovers was spent in Riga. Then the band flew back to Stockholm, Sweden and headed to RamPacs own studio "Ramtitam"(CrashDïet, Mick Mars, Swingfly) to record the vocals. And another intense process that lasted for another ten days was on the roll. The fall of 2016 is soon here and Bulletrain is ready to bring you a surprise in the dark and show you "What you fear the most". A ten track CD filled with heavy guitars, high pitched vocals and badass sing-a-long choruses. The album is mixed by the Grammy Award winning producer Tobias Lindell, the mind behind the music from bands like Hardcore Superstar, Europe and H.e.a.t to name a few. A collaboration that took Bulletrain's music to another level and also introduced the band to the world famous mastering engineer Vlado Meller (SlipKnot, Metallica, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd).
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