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BURNING RAIN - Epic Obsession

European Import : FRCD601

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Doug Aldrich (guitar)
Keith St. John (vocals)
Sean McNabb (bass, backing vocals)
Matt Starr (drums)
Produced by: Doug Aldrich, Keith St. John
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: David Donnelly
Burning Rain is a heavy melodic rock band established in 1998 and features guitarist extraordinare Doug Aldrich. Aldrich formed Burning Rain after meeting singer Keith St John through mutual friends and the two set off to compose a debut album to remember! "Burning Rain" released shortly after in 1999. The album was rounded out by Ian Mayo on Bass and Alex Macarovich on Drums. This first record established Burning Rain as a hungry yet seasoned group of musicians. Although the album was limited in its release worldwide it did in fact receive rave reviews by fans and critics alike. The Band released its follow up record "Pleasure To Burn" with the same cast of musicians. This time while composing, the band went for a deeper more diverse sound that also incorporated some use of stringed instruments on several tracks. This type of songwriting showed a matured Aldrich-St John collaboration and gained even higher marks than the first album. Still there were the tracks like "Fireball" and "Stone Cold" and "Crazy" that leaves the listener invigorated with the fierce riffage Aldrich laid down on the first record, but also showed a much more delicate side with songs like faithfully your in which St John shines like a star. In 2001 Aldrich left to join the band Dio, Featuring the late great Ronnie Jams Dio and St John Joined forces with guitar innovator Ronnie Montrose. St John stayed with Montrose for 10 years singing the classic Montrose hits like no one before him. Aldrich left Dio in 2003 and was approached by David Coverdale to join a newly reformed Whitesnake. Aldrich is still a vital and current member in Whitesnake. After co writing and co producing several projects including 2007 Good To Be Bad and the 2010 release Forevermore, Aldrich surely is leaving his mark in the great history that David Coverdale started in 1978. Aldrich has dedicated the last decade to helping Coverdale move Whitesnake forward and has received extremely favorable reviews for his efforts with the band. The team of Coverdale- Aldrich has proven to be extremely fruitful as the two have composed two top 40 records together. Back in 2004 Aldrich signed Burning Rain to a recording contract for a 3rd album with the intention of working on the album when WS was on hiatus. That never happened. Doug was working full time with David on tours and various projects so there was no real time for a new Burning Rain record. That is until now! Meet finally the long long awaited 3rd record for Doug Aldrich, Keith St John and Burning Rain: "Epic Obsession". This is what it had become from the first notes were composed, to just before the time leading up to the final mixes of the album. Co Produced by Aldrich-St John, the album picks up where Burning Rain left off, still delivering hi intensity Melodic blues based rock with big riffs and hooks. The boys have learned a trick or two from the various bands that they have been involved with. "Epic Obsession" is an extremely well balanced record showing the diversity of songs that make a record listenable over and over. It is the most complete record for the band to date. The revamped team of Aldrich-St John recruited Sean McNabb (Dokken, Quiet Riot) on Bassguitar and backing vocals as well as Matt Starr from Ace Frehley band on drums. EO features several guest musicians. Most notably the Briian Tichy and Jimmy D'Anda Ex Bullet Boys on Drums. Describing the record is almost too typical. It goes down some similar and some unfamiliar roads, but he best advice is to check it out for yourself If there is to be a classic recording for 2013, Epic Obsession from Burning Rain could be one. It has always come down to the songs. This record has 'em. Also included are two bonus tracks most notably a BR version of the Zep classic "Kashmir".
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