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Chris Caffery (bass, guitar, keyboards, sitar, vocals)
George Kokonas (lute)
Jeff Plate (drums)
Jon Oliva (vocals)
Paul Morris (keyboards)
Produced by: Chris Caffery, Nik Chinboukas
Engineered by: Chris Caffery, Nik Chinboukas, Pete Benjamin
Mixed by : Chris Caffery, Nik Chinboukas
Mastered by: Gerasimos Roumeliotis
Caffery's new work includes nine songs from his previous CD "God Damn War" and six new ones. The production is very good and clear and Chris handles the vocals in all songs, except the very good "Iraq Attack", where we find, Jon Oliva (who else?) behind the mic. Moreover, this one was written for Doctor Butcher back in 1992. The speed of the songs falls somewhere between slow to mid tempo and the vocals are reminiscent of Savatage and in many cases Stigma IV. The guitar play is more cutting and aggressive than Savatage's (the comparison is inevitable) and with fewer melodies. American heavy full of modern ideas on the guitars, but with classic heavy elements, too.
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