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Patrik Carlsson (all instruments)
Produced by: Patrik Carlsson
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Patrik Carlsson
Mastered by: Patrik Carlsson
Patrik Carlsson is probably the most interesting and promising guitarist out of Sweden since Yngwie or perhaps even before that. His extremely well developed skills in both composing as well as guitar playing will turn a lot of heads around. Until you have heard Patrik you haven't heard a thing! His main influence is probably Steve Vai but this is not Vai clone. In a world with far too many instrumental guitar albumsbeing released it may be uncertain if we need another one, but yes - this is an essential release. Don't miss this one!Patrik is also featured on Shawe Lane Remembered vol I and II but obvious that he saved his best work for his solo album.
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