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CHRIS CATENA - Discovery

European Import : ESM167

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Chris Catena (vocals)
Eugene (vocoder, keyboards, backing vocals)
Janne Stark (guitar, bass)
Michael Gapys (guitar)
Bobby Kimball (vocals)
Mathias Ya Eklund (guitar)
Daniel Palmqvist (guitar)
Carmine Appice (drums)
Martyn Le Noble (bass)
Victor Indrizzo (drums)
Earl Slick (guitar)
Tony Franklin (bass)
Tommy Denander (guitar)
Katiuscia (vocals)
Timothy Drury (keyboards)
Davide Spurio (keyboards, backing vocals)
Max Spurio (guitar)
Pat Travers (guitar)
Peter Svensson (drums)
Marco Sarzo (bass)
Aleks Ferrara (bass)
Bruce Kulick (guitar)
Daniel Flores (drums, keyboards)
Mauro Munzi (drum)
Maurizio Solieri (guitar)
Per Schelander (bass)
Matt Filippini (guitar)
Uriah Duffy (bass)
Leonardo Porcheddu (guitar)
The Rome Philharmonic Orchestra (conducted by

Alexander Frey)

Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
Chris Catena is italian singer with almost 20 years of experience. In 2004 he released the album "Freak Out" (IMR/Frontiers/Nippon Crown), a melange of hard rock of the seventies, funk, freak, metal, blues featuring an impressive list of special guests such as Glenn Hughes, Doug Wimbish, Stevie Salas, Bruce Kulick, Tony Franklin, Tommy Aldridge, Eric Singer, Myron Dove, Virgil Donati, Jeff Scott Soto, Chester Thompson, John Taylor, Al Kooper and many others. He features as singer and co - writer in few projects such as Moonstone Project’s debut album “Time to take a stand” (with Glenn Hughes, Graham Bonnet, Ian Paice, Tony Franklin), the last Radioactive’s album “Taken” (japanese release) or Vitalij Kuprij's album called "REVENGE" (Lion/Marquee-Avalon) teaming up with Joe Lynn Turner, Goran Edman and Doogie White. He also took part to few Tribute albums released by the american Versailles Records such as "Just Like Paradise: A Millennium Tribute to David Lee Roth", "Too Fast fo Love : A Millennium tribute to Motley Crue" where teaming up with guitarists Blues Saraceno and Michael Gapys he performs song called "Goin' Crazy"and "Power to the Music". On June 07 Versailles Records released only for Usa Chris Catena “Booze, Brawds and rockin’ hard”, a double CD set including most of the song from his previous “Freak Out” as well as some unreleased tracks and the Live EP “Still alive and freakin’..Live rough in Rome” recorded on 2004. Currently Chris is ready to release his second album named "DISCOVERY"a concept featuring among the others Bobby Kimball, Earl Slick, Pat Travers, Victor Indrizzo, Martyn Lenoble, Carmine Appice, Uriah Duffy, Tony Franklin, Bruce Kulick, Tommy Denander, Janne Stark, Michael Gapys just to name a few Discovery is certainly different and involves so many quality musicians we have included them on a seperate list! Anyone found themselves listening to Cd’s by Ayreon in recent years will love this concept album which just bursts with quality.

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