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CATS IN SPACE - Too Many Gods

European Import : HF06

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Greg Hart (guitar, vocals, keyboards)
Paul Manzi (vocals)
Steevi Bacon (rums, percussion)
Dean Howard (guitar)
Jeff Brown (bass, vocals)
Andy Stewart (keyboards, vocoder)
Produced by: Ian Caple, Greg Hart
Engineered by: Ian Caple, Mick Wilson, Adam Vanryne
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: Adam Vanryne
UK's CATS in SPACE have landed! A brand new six piece band who, armed with their exciting brand of 'Power Pop Rock', will transport you back to the heady days of the 70s when bands like ELO, Queen, 10cc & Cheap Trick, in particular, ruled the airwaves. CATS in SPACE featuring band members with a wealth if experience in the music business for over 30 years, both as writers and performers for bands like: The Sweet, Asia, T'Pau, Ian Gillan Band, Mike Oldfield, Airrace & Arena to name a few, you can expect performances if the highest caliber. 'Too Many Gods' was recorded and produced at Yellow Fish studios in Sussex, with long-term copilot IAN CAPLE. All songs were written by GREG HART, or co-written by GREG HART and MICK WILSON, who also features on backing vocal and guest lead vocals, alongside PAUL MANZI, creating a spectacular result… Also, for the album's centerpiece, the band recruited legendary producer and orchestral genius MIKE MORAN, famous for many musical contributions including FREDDIE MERCURY'S 'Barcelona'. Mike arranged and scored an 80 piece orchestrafor the seven minute epic 'The Greatest Story Never Told'. With soaring skyscraper vocal harmonies, hook laden choruses, drenched in guitars, vintage synthesizers and orchestrations, the 'CATS in SPACE' pull no punches in delivering their symphonic 'Power Pop Rock' and hide no influences along the way. As the band say, this album is "All killer, no kitty litter!" CATS in SPACE, it's like ELO and New England colliding with Queen, whilst 10CC look on from afar.
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