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COMMUNIC - Payment Of Existence

US Release : LCO652

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Oddleif Stensland (guitar, vocals)
Erik Nortensen (bass)
Tor Atles Andersen (drums)
Produced by: Jacob Hansen, Communic
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Jacob Hansen
Mastered by: Jacob Hansen
Communic plays progressive power metal, and Payment Of Existence is their most intense CD so far. The intensity comes and goes, making for a diverse effort. Slower, acoustic based passages lead into complex and progressive music that's technical, but also has an edge. Comparisons to Nevermore are inevitable, but Communic isn't a carbon copy of that band. As on their previous CDs, the songs are epic. The average length is around eight minutes, and Communic keeps the listener engaged for the whole song. There are plenty of intensity, tempo and texture changes, and repetition is minimized.
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