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CORVUS - Chasing Miracles

European Import : AORH3345

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Ciaran James (vocals)
John Clews (guitar)
Nick Jeavons (keyboards)
Jordan Brown (bass)
Alex Cooper (drums)
Produced by: Alex Cooper
Engineered by: Alex Cooper
Mixed by : Alex Cooper
Mastered by: Tim Debny
Formed in early 2013 rising from the studio suburbs of Birmingham, UK and driven by ex-Serpentine guitarist John Clews comes a brand new melodic rock band; Corvus. Corvus was formed by a group of musicians that were called in to work on another album in the summer months of 2012. The project came to a halt and the musicians went their separate ways for a time. Ciaran James (Vocals) and John Clews (Guitar) stayed in close contact and began writing material together when they decided they wanted to take the songs to the next level and at the start of 2013 headed into Arkham studios with Alex Cooper at the helm. After a brief revelation of what the duo hoped to achieve they called in Nick Jeavons (Keyboards) and Jordan Brown (Bass) to truly kick off the project. Several months followed of writing, recording, tinkering and improving as the album that would become CHASING MIRACLES took shape. The team focussed their efforts and made every note count; now here it is gift-wrapped up for all listeners to enjoy!
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