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CRIMSON MOONLIGHT - Veil Of Remembrance

European Import : RRCD022

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Simon Rosen (vocals)
Per Sundberg (guitar)
Eric Tordsson (bass)
Hubertus Liljegren (keyboards)
Gustov Elowson (drums)
Jani Stefanovic (drums)
Produced by: Plec, Crimson Moonlight
Engineered by: Plec
Mixed by : Plec
Mastered by: Plec
Crimson Moonlight is a pretty obscure band in the U.S. Few people have heard of them before. They will now! These guys are just brutal in every sense of the word. Brutal guitars, vocals that change pitch off and on, and deep lyrics. Great album and very brutal. Any fan of death or black metal will love this album.
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