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DAYDREAMER - Daydreamer

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Jean-Marc Viller (vocals)
Peter Berger (guitar)
Alain Schwaller (bass)
Biagio Aeberhard (keyboards)
Boris de Roche (drums)
Produced by: Daydreamer
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
Pure and true, sometimes soft, sometimes hard, but allways full of energie, that’s how Daydreamer leads the audience into a magical faszination, that just then ends when the last tune disappears into silence. The brand of Daydraemer is the virtouse voice of Jean-Marc Viller, coupled with the runaway bass riffs of Alain Schwaller and the tender, carismatic air of the eighties, guitarre- and keyboardsound of Peter Berger (guitarre) and Biagio Aeberhard (keyboard). Rhythm is supplied in outstanding variety and driving force by drummer Boris De Roche. The composition of Daydreamer stands for gutsy, progressive,but always melodically changefull. That does not only inspire the audience, but also the critics. These five talented guys have found a perfect mix of classical riffs and melodies. The result is a very classy album that traces elements of Warrior, AXXIS and melodic side of Black Sabbath but they have a distinct originality all of their own. Formed in 2003 and fortified with many live gigs. Today Daydreamer is allready entrenched in the Swiss Rock and Metal Scene. Now Daydreamer is ready to rock the world!
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