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DENNIS DEVELIN - Tip Of The Tongue

US Release : PERR3882

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Dennis Develin (vocals, bass)
Jonas Roxx (guitar, drums)
Produced by: Tommy Hansen
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Tommy Hansen
Mastered by: Tommy Hansen
Danish rocker Dennis Develin makes old school cock rock anthems and isn't ashamed about it. Dennis has played in many top Denmark bands including STICKY SWEET, CLUB HELL & PURE INNOCENCE. The bonus track "Ladies of the Eighties" first was released on the Hollywood Hairspray 7 compilation. HH7 CD was mastered by Anthony Focx (Aerosmith, Bang Tango, Beautiful Creatures, L.A. Guns, Great White). The past six HOLLYWOOD HAIRSPRAY CDs have featured bands such as Pretty Boy Floyd, Enuff ZNuff, Jetboy, Crash Diet and many glam sleeze and hard rock bands from all over the world. "Ladies of the Eighties" was the most downloaded track from that release. "Tip Of The Tongue" CD was mixed and mastered at Jailhouse Studios with producer Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids, TNT)
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