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Christian Rivel (vocals)
Jani Stefanovic (drums, guitars, keyboards)
Andreas Olsson (bass)
Produced by: Divinefire
Engineered by: Name
Mixed by : Plec
Mastered by: Plec

Divinefire was formed by singer Christian Rivel and bass player Andreas Olsson from the Christian heavy metal band Narnia. In Patrik Gardberg (known from Yngwie Malmsteen) the band has found a fantastic guitar player, which makes Divinefire a group of experienced musicians. Although there are similarities with Narnia, Divinefire's music is heavier than that band. The guitars refer to the well-known Gothenburg-sound and by using death grunts once in a while, the band manages to sound a more aggressive. These guys combine the melodic and aggressive side of metal with symphonic influences and Rivel's beautiful voice. Songs like 'Secret Weapon', 'Divinefire' and 'Leaving The Shadows' are easy listening and despise the use of a lot of melody and keyboard, the band still sounds very heavy. The music also reminds me of a band like Rhapsody in some parts ('New Beginning'). As an extra goodie we get a metal version of Queen's 'The Show Must Go On' with Thomas Vikström (ex-Candlemass) and the Swedish popsinger Maria Radsen on vocals, which simply sound great. With 'Hero' Divinefire has succeeded in making a variable album, which won't disappoint the fans of melodic heavy metal.

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