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DOC HOLLIDAY "Rides Again"

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Bruce Brookshire (vocals, guitar)
Rick Skelton (guitar, vocals)
Herman Nixon (drums)
John Samuelson (bass, vocals)
Eddie Stone (keyboards, vocals)
Produced by: David Anderle and Tom Allom
Engineered by: Andy deGahnal
Mixed by : David Anderle, Andy deGahnal, Bruce Brookshire
Mastered by: Bernie Grundman

The second outing from Southern Rockers supreme Doc Holliday titled "Rides Again" - originally released in 1981. Both of these classic albums have been remastered to the highest possible standard, with 16-page full colour booklets added (complete with extensive liner notes and new photographs) to tell the full story behind the titles. Rides Again boasts 2 bonus tracks produced by Tom Allom

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