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DR. SIN "Shadows Of Light"

US Release : MM00026

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Mike Vescara (vocals, keyboards)
Ivan Busic (drums, vocals)
Andria Busic (bass, vocals)
Eduado Ardanvy (guitar)
Produced by: Mike Vescara
Engineered by: Bill Burke
Mixed by: Mike Vescara
Mastered by: Walter Lima

Two legends founded a highly promising collaboration to present us their brand new material. On the one hand we have Michael Vescera, who is a well known vocalist and has proved his fantastic skills many times in the past. As former frontman of highly exulted bands like Obsession, Loudness, Yngwie Malmsteen, Reign Of Terror he surely is a part of the heavy metal history. He also released a couple of albums under the name MVP (Michael Vescera Project). Furthermore he received recognition as producer of great metal and hard rock acts within the last years. And on the other hand the band DR. SIN itself is one of south America's premier metal bands. As they already have been Brazilian metal icons for quite some time the addition of Michael Vescera's famous voice is just the little step that was missing to put the perfect touch on the music. These two strong forces found together sharing the same ideas of music and were able to create a unique mixture of progressive and melodic metal in the likes of early Dream Theater with diverse influences spanning the melodic rock spectrum. DR. SIN deliver high quality musical performances with soaring vocals, catchy choruses, great guitar licks and overall superior musical talent. Special guest appearance: Roland Grapow plays lead guitars on "Time After Time".

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