DRAGONFORCE - The Power Within

US Release : RRD177102

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Marc Hudson (vocals)
Dave Mackintosh (drums, backing vocals)
Frédéric LeClercq (bass, guitar, backing vocals)
Herman Li (guitar, backing vocals)
Sam Totman (guitar, backing vocals)
Vadim Pruzhanov (keyboards, backing vocals)
Produced by: Frédéric LeClercq, Herman Li, Sam Totman
Engineered by: Herman Li, Karl Groom
Mixed by : Dragonforce, Karl Groom
Mastered by: Peter Van 'T Riet
With THE POWER WITHIN, Dragonforce deliver the key to their door to the Power Metal Hall of Fame. Their fifth album is the first featuring new singer Marc Hudson. As usual, Dragonforce have a knack for technically perfect guitars and a lot of clout. It is the band's most varied outing to date. Featuring both their fastest songs so far as well as songs like ,"Cry Thunder," which see the band bringing their sound into a more restrained territory pace-wise without sacrificing intensity or hooks. DragonForce have thrown out their rulebook, taking a new approach to how they compose and structure their songs. They've refined and distilled what they do, improving and focusing their songwriting skills into an even broader palette.
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