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DRAGONHAMMER - The X Experiment

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Max Aguzzi (guitar, vocals)
Gae Amodio (bass)
Giuseppe De Paolo (guitar)
Giulio Cattivera (keyboards)
Andrea Gianangeli (drums)
Produced by: Dragonhammer
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Alex Aguzzi
Mastered by: Emilio Ra-b
Dragonhammer are officially born in 1999 as a trio: Max Aguzzi (voice and guitar), Gae Amodio (bass guitar) and Marino Deyana (drums). The great feedback of the same year self-made demo named "Age of Glory", and the publishing of the Official Web Site to promote around the music and the image of the band, DragonhammeR signed a recording contract with Legend Music label, in partnership with a more popular label, Elevate Records.After the release of this album the band remains in a long silence for 9 years and in 2013 they come came back with a stronger and more powerful new line-up. Max and Gae were supported by a new drummer Massimiliano Santori, a new keyboarder Giulio Cattivera, and a second guitar player Roberto Franzòi. With these new forces DRAGONHAMMER join forces with My Kingdom Music for the release of the new album "The X Experiment" that will be released on December 2nd, 2013.
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