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DREAMSNOWREALITY - Dreamfinity Deluxe Edition

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AxiA (vocals)
Kira (bass)
Ash (drums)
Yu Phoenix (guitar)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Lars Rettkowitz
Mastered by: Andreas Kock, Mike Pelilo
For fans of CRAZY LIXX, DYNAZTY & CRASH DIET. Birth of the Dream DNR, a project from Italy, given life by the ambitious bassist Kira, who had a dream. "To fuse the Asian and Western Music as well as Visual styles into one." With his idea thriving, he quickly gathered his first line-up including the genuine Drummer Ash, ready to confront the world with their new image of sound. Creating their first Songs, the band quickly came to perform a wide set of local shows, rapidly attracting a versatile range of audience. Shaping of the Dream Through a change of members, the young band discovered Axia. A charismatic singer from their area, who then were to become the voice of DNR. Armed with new courage, they pioneered further into far eastern ground, to become one of the first European bands to conquer Japanese Visual-Kei festivals. Despite their ongoing growth in and outside of their home country, their vision turned frail when losing founding guitarist Sieg. Rebirth of the Dream Remaining loyal to their dream, the group continued their quest to realize their Debut Album and finding their missing piece. Together with Producing Team KR Music from Germany, they finally achieved to create the sound they once upon aspired. Completing their final setup, DNR gain the mysterious guitarist Yu Phoenix for their shared dream. Being a former founder of the popular German Band Cinema Bizarre, the Phoenix brings valuable experience and skill to the group. Enhanced with a new feel, DNR are determined to ascend their throne, fighting for their everlasting dream together with their Dreamers all around the world!
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