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US Release : NEH117

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Dennis Chruchill Dries (vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards, drums)
Paul Sabu (guitar, backing vocals, keyboards, drums)
Ron Camacho (bass)
Eric Ragno (keyboards)
Produced by: Paul Sabu
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Paul Sabu
Mastered by: Peter In de Betou
"I", the solo debut of White Sister frontman und bass player, who after the split of legendary AOR outfit WHITE SISTER also put out only two records with TATTOO RODEO. Quite personal and highly emotional songs like "So Good To See You", dedicated to his fellow WHITE SISTER colleague and friend Rick Chadock, or the melancholic "Home", which is included in two different versions, meet typical Eighties melodic-anthems in WHITE SISTER-style like "Heard It On The Radio" or "Unbroken". "A Song For The Living", a power ballad, is as timeless and good as the amazing "She Loves You" with its stirring groove. A close collaboration with producer, guitarist and vocalist Paul Sabu (UNRULY CHILD, SILENT RAGE) results in a multi-layered statement of a remarkable artist, who foremost delivers different vocal-styles. Churchill-Dries and Sabu, who team up again after more than two decades, seem to be a new dream team in terms of melodic rock and beyond. Hopefully, there's more to come…
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