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DYSLESIA "Who Dares Wins"

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1. Beware Of Life Demons
2. Rest In Space
3. Link Now Fighter
4. Who Dares Wins
5. Fighting And Gone
6. Living In The Winter
7. Bring The Sunlight Back
8. Just About A Dream
9. The One You Are
10. Masquerade Of Life
Francois Brisk (drums)
Jo Loprete (bass, backing vocals)
Fabrice Dutour (guitar, backing vocals)
Francois Loprete (guitar, backing vocals)
Thierry Lebourg (vocals)
Engineered, mixed and produced by : Dennis Ward

Founded in Lyon a few years ago, the band first came to the public's attention with a self-produced first album "My Own Revolution" in 1999 and thanks to more than 100 shows given throughout France and abroad among others with VANDEN PLAS in Europe. It's on stage that a young heavy metal band forges its style and DYSLESIA understood this well. Show after show with PINK CREAM 69, ROYAL HUNT, RHAPSODY, LABYRINTH, IRON SAVIOR the band succeeded little by little in finding its way and its audience. In the confines of a bar, or on the stage of the Elysée Montmartre (DEMONS & WIZARDS), Dyslesia has always given 100%. All these efforts and sacrifices have finally paid off. Today the band is one of the hopes of the french metal scene. On the strenght of this, DYSLESIA used the services of producer Dennis Ward (PINK CREAM 69, VANDEN PLAS) to record the follow-up album "Who Dares Wins" which reflects the band high ambitions. A fantastic power speed metal album which without any doubt will make it possible for these 5 musicians from Lyon to reach levels of national and international success.

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