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ECLIPSE - Armageddonize Deluxe Edition

European Import : FRCD731

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Erik Mårtensson (vocals, guitar)
Magnus Henriksson (guitars)
Magnus Ulfstedt (bass)
Philip Crusner (drums)
Produced by: Erik Martensson, Magnus Henriksson
Engineered by: Erik Martensson
Mixed by : Erik Martensson
Mastered by: Erik Martensson
The new and expanded edition in 2CD glossy digipak (first pressing only) includes the song "Runaways", which the band will exclusively perform for the first time during their Melodifestivalen appearance at the Gavlerinken Arena in Gävle, Sweden on the evening of February 27th. Besides the new song "Runaways", the album also includes a bonus CD featuring live songs, 2 rare cuts (originally b-sides of the "Bleed and Scream" single, only released via Sweden Rock Magazine) and 3 original, Japan-only bonus tracks.
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