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EDGE OF THE BLADE - The Ghosts Of Humans

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Alan Kelly (drums, bass, backing vocals)
John Francis (vocals)
Andrew Chick (guitars, keyboards)
Produced by: Andrew Chick
Engineered by: Andrew Chick
Mixed by : Andrew Chick
Mastered by: tbd
Edge of the Blade is an exciting new band that features Alan Kelly (Shy), John Francis (After Hours) and very talented guitarist, Keyboardist, Producer and studio Engineer Andrew Chick with his razor sharp production. They have managed to create a really professional sounding new band and their debut album "The Ghosts of Humans" is poised to set pulses racing. The band have a wide ranging influence and the music sweeps from hard hitting melodic rock to majestic melodic metal with plenty of clout. With doffs of the hat to nu melodic metal rock similar to bands such as Alter Bridge and Avenged Seven Fold with great melodies! Edge Of The Blade have given us some refreshing slants on the rock sound. This is really well thought out music that stands out in the crowded market we have today. Tracks like Vital Signs, Mr. Hell and River Runs Red are just great examples of what this band have to offer us. Edge Of The Blade are an outfit worth watching and they are bound to catch your attention with their new album "The Ghosts of Humans".
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