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ELDRITCH - Livequake Ltd Ed

European Import : AORH0811

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Track List - CD1:
1. In The House - In A Heartbeat (intro)
2. Why
3. The Deep Sleep
4. Save Me
5. The Blackened Day
6. The World Apart
7. Reverse
8. Standing Still
9. Bless Me Now
10. The Child That Never Smiles
11. More Than Marylin
12. This Everlasting Mind Disease
13. Silent Flame
14. Toil Of Mine

Track List - CD2:
1. Fall From Grace (intro)
2. No Direction Home
3. Heretic Beholder
4. Scar
5. Bleed Mask Bleed
6. From Dusk Till Dawn
7. Nebula Surface
8. Ghoulish Gift
9. Lord Of An Empty Place
10. Incurably Ill

Track List - DVD:
1. Livequake Concert (complete Cd1 + Cd 2)
2. Live In Chicago 2006 (documentary)
3. Interview With Adriano Dal Canto
4. Interviwe With The Band At Terence's House
5. Videoclip: Lonesome Existence
6. Videoclip: Save Me
7. Videoclip: The Blackened Day

Name (vocals)
Name (guitar)
Name (bass)
Name (keyboards)
Name (drums)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
The DVD allows you to see spare excerpts of the show, taken by a camera from the side of the stage, on stage and in the crowd. This film was taken by the band’s friend Federico Nasoni at Eldritch’s show as headliners at the Chicago Powerfest 2006, with support acts like Biomechanical and Agent Steel!
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