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Marcus Nepomuc Deml (guitar)
Tom Aeschbacher (keyboards)
Frank Itt (bass)
Ralf Gustke (drums)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: Uwe Wendt, Carsten Fuchs, Frank Itt, Marcus nepomuc Dernl
Mixed by : Kai Fricke
Mastered by: Kai Fricke
Electric Outlet - this name is a synonym for energy, power and life –so is the music of "Electric Outlet". Played with love and passion, driven by the insistent impetus everybody initially felt when they were discovering music. Tired of being captured by the dictate of an over-commercialized environment, "Electric Outlet" called the genuine purpose of music in mind. In combination with their enormous musical capabilities, these four musicians created this special album. Just dive into the world of "Electric Outlet" and enjoy! Marcus Deml (Guitar): his unique, intense playing and his highly recognisable tone makes him one of the leading guitar players these days. His project "Errorhead" earned internationally respect. He played with SAGA, BOBBY KIMBALL, and KINGDOM COME etc. Tom Aeschbacher: music is music - doesn't matter which style (Keys) life is life -and fun is fun. If you put all these three components together, it describes best, the way he plays and feels –no more to say. Frank Itt (Bass): "The Groove Rulz!" this is the motto of his playing. Precise and powerful, Frank is laying the fundament and keeps the music going. He played with MICHAEL SAGMEISTER, BOBBY KIMBALL, PILI PILI, and ERRORHEAD etc. Ralf Gustke (Drums): Groove in combination with incredible technical capabilities and a sensitive understanding of music makes him one of the leading European drummers available. He played with XAVIER NAIDOO, SÖHNE MANNHEIMS, and CHAKA KHAN etc.
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