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Fabian Kiessling (vocals, guitar)
Vlad Doose (guitar)
Mario Lochert (bass)
Jens-Christoph Rybak (keyboards)
Chris Wiedmann (drums)
Produced by: Mario Lochert, Spike Streefkerk
Engineered by: Bjorn Heizer, Spike Streefkerk
Mixed by : Spike Streefkerk
Mastered by: Christoph Stickel
No lesser label than UNIVERSAL signed the “tough guys” from Germany and released their debut album, a fi ne mixture
between classic heavy metal and melodic Nu Metal. Ready to hit the limelight, the band from Upper Bavaria left their
countryside surroundings to gain the experience needed to challenge their competitors and to be successful on stage.
EMERGENCE GATE has thrilled audiences at numerous rock shows. The band successfully completed a European tour
co-headlined by MERCENARY. The cover version of Falco’s truly legendary “Rock Me Amadeus” is one - if not THE - highlight on this 13 track album.
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