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EPITAPH - Remember The Daze

European Import : AORH126

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Cliff Jackson (vocals, guitar)
Heinz Glass (guitar, dobro)
Bernd Kolbe (bass, vocals)
Roger Wahlmann (keyboards)
Achim Poret (drums, vocals)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: Roger Wahlmann
Mixed by : Roger Wahlmann
Mastered by: tbd
EPITAPH are German hard rock dinos, which are in business since more than three decades. They were the first German band which toured in the States (long before Lake and the Scorps took over) and still have a loyal fan base over the world. “Remember The Daze” is their first new studio recording since nearly twenty years and the first thing which impressed me, is the fantastic production from singer Cliff Jackson, which blows every production from the current melodic rock scene away. Music wise EPITAPH plays a mic of clasic rock / hard rock, pretty much in the same vein as LAKE with their latest release “Blast Of Silence” meets LUCIFER’S FRIEND. A great comeback, let’s hope there is more to follow.
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