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ERRORHEAD - Modern Hippie

European Import : LMC229

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Marcus Deml (guitar, vocals)
Frank Itt (bass)
Zacky Tsoukas (drums)
Produced by: Marcus Deml
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Kai Fricke
Mastered by: Ulf Hattwig
Errorhead’s brand new Album “Modern Hippie” is for everybody who is craving for the musical spirit of the late 60”s and early 70”s taken to the year 2008. A modern sound that combines diverse influences such as Rock, Ambient, World music with strong hooks and grooves. Think Hendrix, Pink Floyd and Jeff Beck teaming up for a creative spin. Mastermind Marcus Deml has been a guitarist for the stars in the last 10 years and done over 300 sessions. “He was born with the talent of a very gifted guitarist” (MTV- NEWS) And when it comes to coaxing magical sounds out of a Stratocaster, “Deml has one of the surest pair of hands this side of world champion strat charmer Jeff Beck” ( Guitar Player magazine review). “Modern Hippie” is not just another album, it is a statement!
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