EVIL MASQUERADE - Theatrical Madness

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Henrik Brockman (vocals)
Henrik Flyman (guitar, vocals)
Kasper Gram (bass)
Dennis Buhl (drums)
Produced by: Henrik Flyman
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
Evil Masquerade is back even stronger than before! The new album titled "Theatrical Madness" offers great songs with topnotch performances from well-established musicians on the metal scene. Also to be heard on albums with Royal Hunt, Wuthering Heights, Time Requiem, Space Odyssey and Moahni Moahna. Last year Evil Masquerade released their debut album "Welcome to the Show". It received many top score reviews from all around the world and can now be found on several "best album of 2004" lists. The new album follows up where the last one left off. With a bit less neo classical emphasis and a more progressive/heavy sound they show that the band holds a really wide range of musical skills. But while still being as metal and melodic as ever. Focus is also this time on the hooks and melodies that have become somewhat of a trademark for composer, producer and guitarist Henrik Flyman. Henrik has together with Henrik Brockmann (vocals), Dennis Buhl (drums) and Kasper Gram (bass) put up a memorable show for open-minded music lovers. Three special guests were invited on this album to play keyboards. They are André Andersen (Royal Hunt), Richard Andersson (Time Requiem, Space Odyssey) and the talented newcomer Mikkel Jensen. In other words, keyboard lovers are in for a treat. Mixing and mastering credits go to well-known Tommy Hansen (TNT, Helloween, Pretty Maids) who did an outstanding job with nothing more to wish for. Tommy has become synonymous with great sounding metal albums throughout the last 15 years, and this album is certainly not an exception. Together with producer Henrik Flyman they made a new album classic for melodic metal fans all around the world. The music has best been described as theatrical metal. With one leg in the old classic metal terrain and the other exploring more modern landscapes of progressive music. Added to this are the influences from musicals and classical music. This blend is what makes Evil Masquerade unique. One of the tracks on the CD (Witches Chant) was in fact written by William Shakespeare and set to music by Henrik Flyman. People familiar with theatre and poetry might recognize it to be the 1st scene of the 4th act from Macbeth. Others will just appreciate the music for what it is. And this is probably why Evil Masquerade has already gained so many fans during their first year. The music is easy to access with melodies that stick like glue. And at the same time it offers impressive musicianship, interesting arrangements and new solutions to traditional metal. With "Theatrical Madness" Evil Masquerade proves that they are here to stay and has a lot to offer.
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