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EXPORT - Living In The Fear Of The Private Eye

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Harry Shaw (vocals)
Steve Morris (guitar, backing vocals)
Chris Alderman (bass, backing vocals)
Lou Rosenthal (drums, backing vocals)
Produced by: Bill Scheriman
Engineered by: Neil Dorfsman, Bill Scheriman, Obie O'Brien
Mixed by : tbd
Remastered by: Suha Gur
This obscure, Liverpool based, four-piece defied all expectations by signing to the hugely influential US based Epic Records, whilst remaining virtually unknown in not only their home town but also throughout the entire UK. Not that the deal was undeserved; far from it. Their brand of melodic yet riff-driven hard rock found the band being lauded alongside similar, and huge selling, practitioners of the art such as Foreigner, Journey and Survivor. 'Living In The Fear Of The Private Eye', originally released in 1985, was the bands second album for the Epic label. Boasting cool song writing co-credits (including master of the art Bob Halligan Jnr.), and recorded in Philadelphia by seasoned producer Lance Quinn (Bon Jovi, Lita Ford), it presses all the right buttons on the catchy-yet-rugged melodic rock seismograph. The music is loud yet completely accessible and chock full of catchy hooks and expressive vocals courtesy of seasoned vocalist Harry Shaw. Despite Export's valiant efforts, Epic Records dropped the ball, allowing this exceptional slice of tough-guy AOR to fall flat on its face in a market that was, actually voracious for product. Truly, this is one album that should never have been allowed to slip between the cracks. Fortunately guitarist Steve Morris would continue the good fight by going on - by way of a high profile collaboration with Ian Gillan - to form underground AOR favourites Heartland and Shadowman. This is a reissue, remastered with ound shaped from 24 but digital via POW-r technology. It includes a 12 page full colour booklet wotj priginal and enhanced artwork and new photos, full involvement from the band, 3,000 Word essay on the making of the album.
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