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FIRST SHOT "From The Hip"

European Import : EESM071

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Marc LaFrance (vocals, drums)
Doug Edwards (guitar, keyboards)
Peter Clarke (bass, backing vocals)
David Pickell (keyboards)
Produced by: Marc LaFrance, Doug Edwards, Peter Clarke, David Pickell, Bob Buckley and David Sinclair
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by: Paul Dean
Mastered by: tbd

Like a breath of fresh air, First Shot come straight at ya and give a fantastic display of fine pop rock that ranges from heart-wrenching ballads through catchy beats and choruses to highlight on spontaneous outbursts of hard rock. There has always been a magic about Canadian rock and First Shot are no exception to the rule. Marc LaFrance, who has a strong pedigree in the Canadian rock scene, and is no stranger to the Escape label, fronts the band. Many will remember his fine performance on the Blackstone album (ESM 021) and his work on many well-known albums over the years. First Shot fire from the hip and are sure to hit home; this is by no means the last you will hear of this promising Canadian quartet.

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