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FIRST SHOT "Midnight Madness"

European Import : ESM096

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Marc LaFrance (vocals, percussion)
Dave Pickell (keyboards)
Peter Clarke (bass, vocals)
Doug Edwards (guitar, keyboards)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: Graham Woodcock
First Shot are one of those great Canadian eighties bands that have a range of fine songs that include heart-wrenching ballads, through catchy beats and choruses to highlight on spontaneous bursts of hard rock. First Shot already have one album to their credit (From the Hip, ESM 071), which was released by Escape Music in November 2001. The album featured so many of the high qualities of eighties pop rock, similar to Richard Marx and Body Electric, the latter in particular as the Body Electric duo themselves Bob Buckley and David Sinclair co-write many of the tracks as well as guesting on vocals. First Shot are an excellent piece of the Canadian eighties scene that we all loved so much, this is so much an easy album to listen too, great choruses, catchy pop tunes and great song-writing. It is a shame that First Shot is not a household name as, along with “From the Hip”, this music represents some of Canada’s finest pop rock.
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