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Danko Jones (vocals)
Marty Friedman (guitar)
David Davidson (vocals, bass, guitar)
Toshiki Oomomo (bass)
Anup Sastry (drums)
Alexi Laiho (vocals, bass, guitar)
Produced by: Marty Friedman
Engineered by: Chris Rakestraw
Mixed by : Jens Bogren
Mastered by: Tony Lindgren
Marty Friedman is back with his first solo album of original material in four years. INFERNO features what Marty recently told Guitar World is ´the most intense writing and playing I can do`. The album also includes notable guest appearances by several artists influenced by Marty, including flamenco/metal acoustic guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela, Children of Bodom front man Alexi Laiho, Skyharbor mastermind Keshav Dhar and Revocation guitar whiz David Davidson, as well as Marty's first songwriting collaboration with Jason Becker since the pair played together in Cacophony, the pioneering duo of guitar mayhem. INFERNO breaks all genre rules and creates new ones with an exhilarating and musically daring mash-up with Jørgen Munkeby of the acclaimed ´blackjazz` act Shining, as well as two tracks featuring vocals by rock guru Danko Jones. Overall, INFERNO is by far Marty's most thrilling and adventurous effort to date.
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