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FURYON - Lost Salvation

European Import : DR012

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Matt Mitchell (vocals)
Alex "Nickel" Bowen (bass)
Lee Farmery (drums)
Luca Faraone (guitar)
Tiago Rosado (guitar)
Produced by: Jack Beato, Ken Lanyon
Engineered by: Ken Lanyon, Chris Daniels
Mixed by : Jack Beato, Ken Lanyon
Mastered by: Ken Lanyon
The terms edgy vocals, iconic riffs and jaw-dropping solos have been used to describe their sound and we couldn't agree more. Those who subscribe to Classic Rock Magazine will understand exactly what we are talking about. The songwriting and musicianship on this record is absolutely stunning. The production is first class. The vocals are truely world class. Overall this presents a band who should expect no limits in terms of their potential success.
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