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Davie Pattison (vocals)
Ronnie Montrose (guitar)
Mitchell Froom (keyboards)
Glen Letsch (bass)
Denny Carmassi (drums)
Produced by: Ronnie Montrose
Engineered by: Jim Gaines
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: Dan Landee, Bobby Hata
Digitally Remastered by: Andy Pearce
Special Deluxe Collector's Edition - fully remastered sound shaped from 24 BIT digital technology. 12 page full colour booklet - 3,500 word essay, enhanced artwork, rare photos and band involvement. There Are few guitarists as influential as Ronnie Montrose. As the founder of Montrose he crafted one of the greatest albums of all time. A record that set standards for years to come and one that cemented Ronnie and singer Sammy Hagar's standing as the founding fathers of hard rock. Sure, Ronnie's penchant for change and innovation ensured that Montrose would ultimately be retired with plans laid for another project of significant impact, namely Gamma. Based in San Francisco and managed by renowned impresario Bill Graham, the band was focussed around Ronnie's fiery guitar work and the power of Scottish born vocalist Davey Pattison, a man recommended by none other than Robin Trower band member and fellow Scot Jimmy Dewer. Having cut two albums, both of which were universally acclaimed, Ronnie turned his attention to the band's third album. But, in a characteristically chameleon-like move, Ronnie made significant changes to the band's line-up and its musical style. Retaining bassist Glen Letsch and drummer Denny Carmassi, he recruited keyboard player Mitchell Froom, a man noted for his penchant for experimental composition. Eschewing the hard rock attack of 'Gamma 2', Ronnie now imbibed progressive and electronic influences. He also refused to write with Pattison preferring instead to collaborate with Froom alone. The results, as might be expected, were somewhat controversial but entirely necessary, displaying another part of Ronnie's significant musical scope.
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