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GENIUS 3 - The Final Surprise

European Import : FRCD321

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DC Cooper
Daniel Gildenlow
Jorn Lande
Andrea Datwyler
Eric Martin
Toby Hitchcock

Philip Bynoe
Oliver Hartmann
Daniele Liverani
(Guitars, Bass, Keyboards)
Dario Ciccioni (drums)
Produced by: Daniele Liverani
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
After two long years the wait is over. The third and final episode of the Genius Rock Opera is now ready to be unleashed to its devoted fans. This last chapter of the trilogy will reveal what happened to Genius and his guide Twinspirits 32 at the end of their long journey into dreams' world. We left the two main characters on the threshold of the Asian fantasies warehouse, in front of a dark underworld. They were aware that the little prince was there, hidden in one of those warehouses, but they soon realised they were in front of a huge maze, full of an infinite number of fantasy warehouses. Now...which one was the toy warehouse where the prince was hidden? Running through almost 80 minutes of various music styles, the listener will be led by the storyteller (Philip Bynoe) through the final events of the saga and discover what happened to Genius once he woke up to go back to reality world. You will finally learn if the little prince will be saved, and if the dreams world will be safe forever. Lots of titanic vocal duels are featured in this episode including the amazing duet performed by characters Twinspirits 32 (Daniel Gildenlow) and Apikor (Jorn Lande) and between Twinspirits 32 (Daniel Gildenlow) and Genius (this time performed by a majestic DC Cooper). Other great singers give their interpretation of the characters in this final episode: Eric Martin as Mr. Niko, Toby Hitchcock as Senator Jeramus and Andrea Dätwyler as Kokeshi Doll. This breathtaking episode of Genius' is the final act and an amazing mind trip into the unknown parallel dimension where dreams are created. The dream is over but don't miss the surprises this Opera still has in store!
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