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GENIUS "In Search Of The Little Prince"

European Import : FRCD189

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Mark Boals (Genius)
Daniel Gildenlow (Twinspirit)
Russell Allen (Dream League Commander)
Edu Falaschi (Jason)
Jeff Martin (Seventree)
Rob Tyrant (Oddyfer Guardian)
Eric Martin (Mr. Niko)
Johnny Gioeli (Oddyfer)
Liv Kristine (Klepsydra)
Philip Bynoe (The Storyteller)
Daniele Liverani (all instruments)
Dario Ciccioni (drums)
Produced by: Daniele Liverani
Engineered by: Gabriele Ravaglia and Daniele Liverani
Mixed by : Paso
Mastered by: Gabriele Ravaglia
The second episode of the Genius Rock Opera is full of action and is going to offer many surprises to the listeners! We left the two main characters Genius and his friend, the dream conductor Twinspirit32, in the European twinspirit land, trying to find a way to escape from the Maindream soldiers. Maindream's Dream League Force troops, led by their powerful commander, were already in the twinspirit land. Very soon they could be able to locate and terminate Twinspirit32. If this occurred, Genius dreaming would cease immediately and he would not remember anything of it. As a consequence of this, King Mc Chaos' innocence would not be proved and his little son would not be saved from Maindream's judgement.
The European Dreams Kingdom was about to loose their beloved royal family forever!
But Genius and Twinspirit32 finally found a way to escape from the European twinspirit land to avoid being captured. During the entire second episode Genius and Twinspirit meet several other characters that will help them to solve the various problems caused by Genius presence on the forbidden dreams world and ultimately to save King Mc Chaos, wrongly considered responsible for allowing a human being into dreams world... They are also set to find where the little prince was kept in order to save him from his sad fate...
During Genius and Twinspirit's race against time, the story runs across different scenarios including the amazing Asian Dreams Kingdom ruled by King Oddyfer, where most of the events are taking place... Another thrilling episode of Genius' amazing mind trip into the unknown parallel dimension where dreams are created and conducted for humans and… the dream goes on! Once again, each of the characters is a piece of history in hard rock and heavy metal music ! From Daniel Gildenlow (Pain of Salvation) and the amazing Mark Boals (Ring Of Fire, ex Malmsteen) who appear again after the first episode to such megastars singers as: Russel Allen (Symphony X) Edu Falaschi (Angra); Rob Tyrant (Labyrinth); Jeff Martin (Racer X); Eric Martin (ex Mr. Big); Johnny Gioeli (Hardline; Axel Rudi Pell) and Liv Kristine (ex Theatre Of Tragedy). Choirs are courtesy of Empty Tremor new singer Oliver Hartmann and Philip Bynoe is again the Storyteller. The music style is very varied featuring a unique and spectacular blend of Melodic Rock, Heavy Metal and Progressive Metal styles for 74 minutes of music powered by a winning cast of some of the best singers from all the ages and styles...
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