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GRAFFITI - Obsession

European Import : AORH3324

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Rick Chase (vocals)
Marcus Flynn (guitar)
Tony Stock (keyboards)
Adam Arstrong (drums)
Produced by: Andy Proctor, Graffiti
Engineered by: Andy Proctor, Graffiti
Mixed by : tbd
Remastered by: Primo Bonali
Very good English melodic rock band that had a pre Double Cross, Rick Chase handling vocal duties.It has to be said that these guys were unique as their style was not run-of-the-mill.They forged new melodic rock paths, twisted and turned leading the listener down one musical route, and then swiftly taking you along another road, leaving you dizzy with delight. Following the successful release of “Rock The World!” (“Lost UK Jewels” Volume 4), here comes the re-mastered and re-packaged (+ 1 unrelased bonus track) reissue of the GRAFFITI full-length album, “Obsession”, originally released back in 1996 and now a very rare collector’s item. . Lost UK Jewels series, strictly limited to 500 copies !
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