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U.S. Release : SPIT5072

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1. Rise
2. Five To Nine
3. Color Me Fire
4. You Are The One
5. Mokur Jahoobees
6. I Can't Fight You
7. Rescue Me
8. Bum Jenkins
9. Twice
10. The Almighty Strut
11. Sometimes Is Enough
12. Hammered
13. I
Ryan Cook (vocals, guitar)
Boot (bass,backing vocals)
John Sepetys (guitar)
Mike Dupke (drums)
Produced, engineered and mixed by: Michael Wagener
Mastered by: Eric Conn

"Kick-ass rock-n-roll the way mom used to make it." Such is the domain of L.A.'s Hair Of The Dog. Kiss is a prime wellspring for this band, as is Van Halen, Aerosmith, and AC/DC. Each of these bands have stood the test of time thanks to their solid songwriting craftsmanship and similarly, each of the four rockers in Hair Of The Dog stresses the importance of "the song." Hair of the Dog released their self-titled, independent debut nearly three years ago after a song called, "Cadillac Jack" appeared on an Album Network CD sampler and exploded with airplay in several midwestern markets. The band hit the road shortly after the release of this "home grown" debut. What initially began as a couple patchwork weeks of dates, turned into nearly two years on tour. Their explosive live show was the best advertising this band could've had, and it became not at all unusual for them to sell 50-60 CD's on any given evening after a performance. This ferocious live assault was reinforced with some grass roots distribution, a little "guerilla" marketing, and a rapidly growing base of insanely dedicated fans. All of this sweat & blood has laid a perfect foundation for the launch of their new Spitfire release "Rise." For the recording of "Rise," the band hooked-up with production legend Michael Wagener. They all admit he was a big part of the band's panoramic improvement in sound, having brought his vast metal acumen to the recording process at his base studio in Nashville.

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