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HAPPYLIFE "Sweet Resort"

European Import : ATZ02040

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Kevin Brown (vocals)
Ian Pellman (guitar)
Chris Drinkwater (bass)
Rupert Mann (drums)
Produced by: Paul Hoare
Engineered by: Paul Hoare
Mixed by : Paul Hoare
Mastered by: Name

Some bands deliver brilliant live shows but dont cut the mustard in the studio. Some bands carve out excellence in the studio through sheer bloody mindedness, talent and graft but cant cut it live, while others stumble inadvertently into the limelight, prepared or otherwise…and then there are rare jewels in the crown, who not only deliver all of the above and more. Welcome to Happylife, a new British four piece gifted with an unnerving and innate talent for simply writing brilliant songs and performing them live with gut wrenching conviction. For Happylife, its the pyramids, or they simply arent happy!

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