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HAUTEVILLE - Relief Data Incomplete

European Import : LMC175

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Lydie Gosselin (vocals)
Didier Therry (keyboards, bass, guitars)
Denis Turmel (guitars)
Laurent Ober (bass)
Vincent Turmel (drums)
Produced by: Didier Therry
Engineered by: Didier Therry
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
Hailing from France, Hauteville conjure up a highly original blend of progressive rock, AOR and hard rock on their new album ‘Relief Data Incomplete’. Yet to pigeon hole the band to any musical category is to do disservice to the blend of sounds heard throughout the album. The range of sounds on ‘Relief Data Incomplete’ features many different profiles and styles opening with two heavy numbers in ‘Monster (the race)’ and ‘From Adam To Atom’, before slipping into a symphonic 3/4 rhythm for ‘Perfectablism’, then easing into a cover of Dalbello’s ‘Immaculate Eyes’ which the band re-arranged as a power ballad. The albums 10 tracks see the bands own vision shine through all ten tracks on offer with a maturity of sound and the beautiful female vocals of Lydie Gosselin. The albums lyrics see two sides represented with Franck Botten’s words centring on personal concerns such as self confidence (Jaywalker) and unbalanced relationships (Reflection). Whilst Denis Turmel writes about social issues such bioethics (Perfectablism) and politics (The Perfect Lens - a song about the Bang Bang Club, a clutch of war photographers torn between their job and their will to step in, between remaining witness or being actor on the field). ‘Relief Data Incomplete’ sees classic mix with the modern to produce an album high in the originality and class stakes.
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